Have you ever considered the power of your words?

What if each syllable that parted from your lips held weight, and a trajectory all its own; energy spiraling through time and space to land upon the ears of some unsuspecting human – ultimately transforming their lives forever?

Your words have weight. They have meaning. From political leaders, to spiritual guides, to encouragement from your closest friends, I’m sure there are many moments throughout your life where you have experienced the soul-shaking, life-changing power of words.

In his new documentary, best-selling author and life coach Evan Money examines this very notion. Words of Art, a partnership between Evan Money and Irvine’s AllGreenUSA, is a compelling examination of the ability of words to shape our lives. The film considers the careful craftsmanship of words as an art form inspiring hope, change, and inspiration in the lives of many.

Words of Art formulates its message through inspiring interviews with world-renowned speakers like pastor Joel Olsteen, entrepreneur Darren Hardy, and renowned speaker Dennis Waitley; making it a must-see for spiritual seekers, entrepreneurs, and aspiring leaders everywhere. Interviews are accompanied by portraits of some of the most influential wordsmiths in history like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Zig Ziglar.

In taking an unprecedented look at the art of speaking, Evan Money inspires a movement that forces us to understand the power of our words. Every time you open your mouth, you are making a choice. You can use your words to inspire, to love, or to educate- or, you can use words as a destructive weapon. Words of Art is a movement, encouraging each of us to take a moment and consider the power of our what we say. Evan Money proves that through understanding the power of speech, lives can be transformed, and a movement that is rooted in love, compassion, and inspiration can begin to take shape.

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